The c2 is a Bluetooth transmitter designed for continuous use with a Thermo / Foxboro TVA 1000B.

c2 Bluetooth Gives you Freedom.

    · Go Wireless: Instead of having an AIMS cable along with a cord hanging out of your backpack, you can connect a c2 and wirelessly view readings on your handheld.


    · Re-Ignition: LTI Mobile Pro gives the user the capability to relight the TVA wirelessly. No time wasted removing the TVA from your backpack.




Special Features

    · Repairs: Should the c2 break outside of warranty, the c2 can be replaced within 24 hours.


    · Durability: The c2 is built for the LDAR environment. The unit is ruggedized and waterproof.


    · Very Small: We use a lower case "c" in the name of the LDARtools c2 to help you stay focused on how small it is. For an LDAR technician smaller is always better.




Sales and Support

For information about training & installation, contact us at:

Quick Specs

The Basics

    · 90-day Warranty

    · c2 Cable (LDAR# 064) is purchased separately

    · Certified Class 1 Division 2

    · Small and compact--only 3 inches long